Symbolbild Hafnerschamotte
Symbolbild Hafnerschamotte

Stove chamotte

Highest quality

The RHS stove chamotte has been specially developed for use in tiled stove and fireplace construction. It is manufactured using both extrusion and dry pressing processes in one of Austria's most modern production facilities, in Krummnußbaum, Lower Austria.

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RHS stove chamotte: High quality and durable

An independent testing institute continuously monitors the production of the RHS stove chamotte. This ensures that it meets the stringent demands of the B 8306 standard. Its quality standards include fire resistance, density, porosity, cold crushing strength, thermal shock resistance and post-shrinkage. The outcome of this quality assurance: A high-quality fire clay with excellent properties regarding service life, heat storage and radiant heat emission.

Special fire clays and formats for every need

Specific applications require bespoke solutions, i.e., specific types of fire clay. We support you in the planning, calculation and selection of the specific fire clay that is best suited to your requirements:

  • Cordierite brick DurRATH Cor 30 – low coefficient of thermal expansion and high thermal shock resistance.
  • BaRATH - untested stove chamotte

We also offer a wide selection when it comes to formats: For example, the RHS stove chamotte is not only available in the standard format N2 64/250/1245 mm, but also as complex shaped bricks (e.g., the Biofeuerraum Plus bricks), as wall blocks for the furnace shell in the format 30/1000/500 mm or as filling tile 20/130/130 mm.


All advantages at a glance:


  • Long service life
  • Optimal heat storage
  • Optimal release of beneficial radiant heat over the longest possible period of time
  • Numerous different types and formats of fire clay

Black fire clay for combustion chambers, furnace shells & more: NOARATH®

Accurate, dimensionally stable, versatile: Wall block Kantenrein

Further information is available on the stove fitters’ page.

The current product catalog with prices, registration for stove fitter training courses and further information can be found here.