Products and systems for your basic furnace

We are committed to providing an optimal planning service and top quality products. At RATH, you’ll find the right product for every application in tiled stove and fireplace construction. We’re happy to answer your questions about our products.

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Combustion chamber systems

Innovative combustion chambers for storage stoves

RATH offers two products in the field of combustion chamber systems: the bio furnace chamber “Biofeuerraum Plus”, which has particularly low emission test values, and the Pilo small tiled stove, which is compact and quick to install.

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Draft systems

A solution that pays off

Shaped brick systems and the modular stone block system are characterized by their fast and easy handling. In addition, they enable the inexpensive construction of draft systems for tiled stoves and for the ceramic post-heating surfaces of heating chamber

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Bread baking oven

Wide range of applications

Whether you're baking bread, pizza or cakes, roasting meat dishes, drying fruits, mushrooms or herbs, smoking fish or meat, or are keeping food warm: The environmentally friendly wood-fired bread baking oven offers a wide range of applications.

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Components for furnace shells, plaster covers, smoke pipe connections

Room for design inspiration

These components can be used for the furnace shell in tiled stove construction, and can also be used as ceramic cladding. They are ideal for designing the furnace shell, especially for plastered stoves set with an air gap.

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Stove chamotte

Highest quality

The RHS stove chamotte has been developed for use in tiled stove and fireplace construction. It is manufactured by extrusion and dry pressing in one of the most modern production facilities in Krummnußbaum, Austria.

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Insulating materials

Quality with a seal of approval

All RATH insulating materials are classified according to DIN 4102 T1 as non-combustible building materials of building material class A1 – tested and approved by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt).

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Mortars, adhesives, compounds and plasters

A bespoke solution for every requirement

RATH mortars have ceramic, hydraulic/ceramic or chemical setting properties, and the processing properties are specifically matched to the fire clay and insulating materials in the RATH range. The right product for every application.

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Do you have any questions about our products?

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