Symbolbild Brennraumsysteme
Symbolbild Brennraumsysteme

Combustion chamber systems

Innovative combustion chambers for storage stoves

There are two systems to choose from: the bio furnace chamber “Biofeuerraum Plus” (with particularly low emission test values) and the Pilo small tiled stove (compact and quick to install).

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The Biofeuerraum Plus: Quick and easy installation

The bio furnace chamber “Biofeuerraum Plus” has particularly low emission test values, which fall below the prescribed limits of the UZ 37 eco-label and the BimSchV2. Awarded the Austrian Ecolabel Biofeuerraum Plus complies with the limit values of the agreement pursuant to Article 15a of the Federal Constitutional Law and has been tested as a heating insert in accordance with DIN EN 13229.

In addition, Biofeuerraum Plus features other advantages, such as the option of an external combustion air supply, and quick and easy assembly thanks to the use of shaped bricks. Last but not least, this combustion chamber system offers high stability due to the substantial wall thickness and tongue-and-groove joints.


Pilo small tiled stove: Available in different versions

The Pilo is a compact, quick-to-install basic furnace interior. The dry-pressed shaped bricks made of stove chamotte (RHS) are equipped with tongue-and-groove or rebate joints on all sides. Due to the shaped bricks, a columnar furnace shape is predefined.

The shell around the Pilo, however, can be designed to suit individual requirements. It is possible to install either a plastered shell or a tile shell. The Pilo is designed with an air gap. The Pilo achieves a nominal heat output of 3.2 kW at 8 hours and 2.1 kW at 12 hours nominal heating time and is available in various heights and designs.


All the advantages of the two combustion chamber systems at a glance:

  • Dimensional accuracy of the shaped bricks
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Option of a customized ceramic draft system
  • In bio furnace chambers, the combustion air is supplied via combustion chamber bricks
  • Particularly low emission test values with the Biofeuerraum Plus

Further information is available on the stove fitters’ page.

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