Mortars, adhesives, compounds and plasters

A bespoke solution for every requirement

RATH mortars have ceramic, hydraulic/ceramic or chemical setting properties, and the processing properties are specifically matched to the fire clay and insulating materials in the RATH range. Once more, RATH offers the right product for every application.

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Broad portfolio to cover every requirement

RATH has a broad portfolio of refractory mortars, adhesives and plasters:
From EMA mortar to chemically setting Thermoflex K2, from a wide range of plaster systems to refractory castables and sealants – the right product for every requirement.

All advantages at a glance:


  • Exceptionally easy to process
  • Pot life and setting times of mortars, adhesives and plasters correspond as closely as possible to specific applications
  • Optimized strength properties ensure durability
  • Thermal conductivity of mortars, adhesives and plasters is adapted to that of the fire clay materials

Further information is available on the stove fitters’ page.

The current product catalog with prices, registration for stove fitter training courses and further information can be found here.