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Insulating materials

Quality with a seal of approval

All RATH insulating materials are classified as non-combustible building material class A1 according to DIN 4102 T1, tested and approved by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt).

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Quality with a seal of approval

The insulating materials are approved for the thermal insulation of add-on walls, for the installation of chimneys (according to DIN 18895 T1) and tiled stoves and/or plaster stove heating inserts (according to DIN 18892).
Its high compressive strength compared to other insulating materials makes it possible to build self-supporting walls and use it as a substitute for the time-consuming construction of thermal insulation.

Insulating materials for all requirements

Promasil 950 KS features very low thermal conductivity and temperature resistance up to 950°C.
PorRATH 900 consists of diatomaceous earth and is temperature resistant to 700°C.
Both insulating materials can be used for thermal insulation. Due to their low thermal shock resistance, they cannot be used directly in the combustion chamber or draft system.
Vermiculite has a lower insulating effect than Promasil 950 KS or PorRATH 900, but is much more resistant to thermal shock.

Insulating with aluminum silicate fiber

RATH has a wide range of products made of aluminum silicate fiber for various applications in tiled stove and chimney construction:

  • smoke pipe connection, thin-walled insulating panels, mats, paper and cords
  • Separating layer, sealant and highly temperature-resistant insulating material between two different materials (e.g. fire clay, metal, glass, etc.).

These insulating materials are made of non-asbestos mineral or aluminum silicate fibers and can be used up to 1400°C. The fibers are fused at around 2000°C in an electric arc furnace and produced by parallel blow molding.

Due to their low bulk density, good thermal shock resistance and, in particular, low thermal conductivity combined with their high temperature resistance, these products are ideal for thermal insulation.

Impressive Quality and Design: System Duo NOARATH®

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